Kiana Petro Energy Co. is constructed on back-bone of over 30 years of experience, and up-to-dated based on last North American engineering knowledge and technology.

KIANA is an international multidisciplinary company consisting of Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Manufacturing sections, professional in evaluating, developing and exploiting industrial, power sector, steam generation and water treatment systems, oil & gas and petrochemical plants.

KIANA was established with the aim of providing necessary technical and engineering services for the implementation of industrial,power, oil, gas, and petrochemical plants and projects, detailed design of projects as well as presentation of optimization plans for increasing the product capacity.

Now KIANA is the representative and local agent of, Aalborg Engineering Co. (Denmark) in field of water tube and fire tube boilers, Sichuan Jinglei Co. in field of material (plate, pipe & flange) and also Arjay Engineering Ltd. (Canada) in field of control systems and analyzers.

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